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Welcome to Aspen Acres Alpacas

Our interest in alpacas started in 2018 when we visited a local alpaca farm and assisted with shearing. We fell in love with them and knew we wanted to raise alpacas.

We moved to a rural setting with some acreage later that year and began our journey to make our property suitable for alpaca living. We studied about alpacas, visited alpaca farms, and asked a lot of questions.

Our farm name came from our love of the quaking aspen trees that are abundant in Colorado. We like them so much that we planted several aspen trees on our property, where they are thriving.

Our dreams were fulfilled in 2020 when we purchased our first three male alpacas in May, followed by three females in August. We absolutely love to watch and work with them. They have unique behaviors and dispositions.

We were excited to welcome two crias in the summer of 2021. Gabriella was the first to be born at our farm and she is a huggable sweet girl. Duke was born a few weeks later and he is a sweet, but ornery boy.

You can view all of our alpacas here.

We are currently in the process of getting our fiber processed in hopes of starting an online retail business. Check back often for updates on how this is progressing.


On our farm we also raise bobwhite quail. It is a hobby Blake enjoys from incubating the eggs to hatching the chicks and watching them grow. Quail are usually for sale in late summer thru fall depending on availability. Please check out the quail page for current availability.


We also began raising laying hens in 2021 and enjoy the fresh eggs. Our chickens have the luxury to be free range in our pasture during the day and are secure in their coop at night. We do not currently sell our eggs, but may in the future if our egg production increases.

We have had several family members and friends come to visit our farm to see the alpacas, chickens, and quail. We welcome visitors and love to share our stories and to teach as well!

We hope you enjoy exploring our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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